Monday, March 23, 2009

New Outfits

Today while Maeve was listening to the StarGirl book on tape and then watching "In Bruges" she made me some new outfits.

Me and Sonali. She got a new outfit too.

Today I went to good will.

Me sitting on a checkout counter at Good Will

Me checking out a table at good will

Then Lowes. We looked at flowers and paint.
Me sitting by the flowers

Me sitting on the checkout counter at Lowes

Then I got in the car and went to Panera
Me looking fabulous in the car.

Me drinking my chai tea latte.

Me sitting on the window at Panera.

Mias Blog

Hi Im Mia. I live in a house with fifteen other girls. Five other girls live next door. My best friends are Sonali and Lai-Lani. All the girls that live in our house are Felicity, Kit, Heather, Samantha, Marisol, Elizabeth, Jess, Molly, Josephina, Nicki, Julie, Me, Lai-Lani, Ruthie, Nellie and Sonali. Next door are Maeves sisters dolls Tara, Jadyn, Gracie, Cini and Kaya. since there are so many of us we dont often get to do stuff together so four times a year we all do something big. We dress up and then do an activity together. The four activities are Valentine exchanges, A doll birthday party, a christmas party and a birthday party for maeve on her birthday when the new girl comes. This is all of us at the valentine exchange (well most of us we couldnt all fit inthe picture)

Im in the back row wearing ruthies dress. But that was yesterday. today I made pizza and did a load of other fun stuff.
Making Pizza

Horse back riding

Me reading.....


Rustle Riding

More Rustle Riding!

Even More Rustle riding


Me eating Pizza! It was yummy!!!